Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last day of 2008

Today 31 st Dec is the last day of 2008. I want to share my experience of last day of the 2008. Last night 30th december I am busy for my last presentation of 2008 and 1st presentation of 4th semester of my PGDM course.Topic of my presentation is ECB & FCCB (External commercial borrowing & Foreign currency convertible bond) of merchant banking subject. Early morning(5:30) i wake up and practice 3-4 times of my presentation topic.
My presentation timing is from 9:00. I reach college 5 minute late,when i went to my class room the class room was lock, "i was surprise and confused today is my presentation or not".

Any way after sometime some of the my classmet also came for the attending the lecture. Around 9:30 am my presentation had started .This presentation is my last presentation of the 2008 so ,i have decided this presentation should be memorable.That was the group presentation.In that presentation my part was FCCB(Foreign Currency Convertable Bond).I would like to thanks my group member Parikshit Gupta and Shaurav Dwivedi and special thanks to listener those who come for the lecture. Our group received a very good comment from the faculty member.

After completing the presentation and lecture of Merchant Banking Classes,we all friends decided to go the "OCTORI NAKA".(A place where tax will be collected by the Municiple corporation) Octori naka is infront of MY institute. Where we used to go regular for tea and snacks. After taking tea and snacks i have decided to go to the hostel for sleeping, coz last night i haven't sleep. I reached hostel around 2:00 PM,after refreshing ourself i go to the bed. After half n hour i received a call from a company (I dont want to disclose the company name),a girl called her age is around 20-22,she just start speaking.Her voice is so sweet,i can't explain. In last i immediatly told her "can you give me your Number?" for the moment she stuck for a few second aftre that she gives me her personal number..............After that whats happen I also dont know????

"In my life that was the first time i asked any girl to give me the contact number."

Around 3:30 i got a call from college,there is a emergency meeting of all FINANCE specialisation student.witing 15 minute i was in the college.

In evening my friends come to my hostel room and asking about the NEW YEAR PARTY. After a long discussion we had decided somthing to do in the eve of coming new year 2009. Hole night we enjoyed........................................,,,,,,,,,,, around 4o'clock morning of 1st january 2009,we decided to take a cup of tea........we don't have any other place rather than Octori naka. The night was very cold around the temperature was 8 degree. When i reached octori naka i saw "BONE FIRE" In colder day/night the people used fire wood or any material for the prevention of coldness. I sudden remember my older days when i was in class 8th -9th .i was the volunteer of scout and guide that time we have 8 -10 days camp in the village. That time the volunteer take a part of this programe and present any drama,mokery, singing song competition,and many other activity. we sear arund the fire..... any way.......

I think this was last party of my college life........ after that i am entering my corporate life.......but last night i enjoyed........

I want to stop writing here with one Quote "ANT BHALA TO SAB BHALA"

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Chiranjeet Singh said...

Apurv bhai.
bahut acha desription diya tune 31st december ka. The day will be remembered by me also coz i was also part of that party. Really appu, i once again appreciate your hard work. Wish u best luck always.