Sunday, February 15, 2009

War against LOVE

Love you friend.....
                         Belated "Happy valentine Day". When i wake up today, i usually to start my day read news paper..when i was reading news paper there are lots of news regarding opposing the valentine Day celebration. And media gives lot of space for that news. I was very disappointed.One question comes in my mind? (In Hindi) Kya pyar karna koi gunah hai? 
A/c to my knowledge Love is a strong positive emotions of regards affection and devotion. A person can love to his parents ,brother, sister, friend,their work, nature, animal etc.........
The person who oppose this they don't have any work,they just want to harm people,they are destroying the nations property,public property.Most of the activist are belonging to the local political party or national party.
They should feel same on doing this type of illegal activity.They are singing only one song it will hamper the INDIAN CULTURE.
Are they know Indian culture? Indian civilisation is the oldest civilisation. Are GOD Krishna fall in love with Radha were wrong?INDIA spread the love concept all over the world.
Last week we heard the activist violent attack on a group of women in manglore pub.For this many NGO's and other institution comes in the picture,the organization starts the "Pink Chaddie campaign"I don't think so its work...but there are lots of response coming from the people side.
Role of Media:-
              Many of the Economist, Politicians, Businessman are thinking about India will be super power in few decades.When all over the world are celebrating valentine day or Love day in India same time some of the culturalist fighting against love.And the media channel they hype this issue with their mirch and masala. Why media giving the huge response to all these illegal activity? All these things affect the Indian image. Midea is the 4th piller of the Indian  democracy. Media gives voices to the people. 

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kunal sinha said...

hmmm..... keep blogging

Chiranjeet said...

keep the spirit up.
post on several issues. ur endeavor should be appreciated.

Alok Kumar said...

I personally feel appurva has raised a serious issue.Who gave these activist the right to harm ppl? If u have any agitation against them, show it in a peaceful way. who have given them right to take guard against the the Indian culture?I have lots of appreciation for appurva who have so much social concern, keep blogging for such a social concern and I will always be there with u.............

Stephoajr said...

keep the spirit up. post on several issues. ur endeavor should be appreciated.

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