Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thanks GOD!!!!

Thanks GOD "I am Alive".......
Last Nite i was driving on my friends Bike.I made with a Major accident. The Bike is fully damaged...that i cant explain.....Headlite, Bizer,Leg guard and other parts of the motercycle is damaged....But thanks to GOD...I am alive.
This was my first major accident....and 2nd accident of my life. 1st accident when i was in my 3rd semester...During freshers party i had organized some management games and other activity for fun. I was in organizing commitee.... I am no at all in the mood of particepation of any activity.....Unfortunatly on the request of some friends i partecepated in Dahi handi competation.
The competition was to break the handi, which is almost 30-32 feet high from the ground. i was on the top .Unfortunatly that time i broke my right hand.

And 2nd time is this major accident. This time i am lucky..No any denger or enjury to me.
Once again Thankyou GOD for giving me the new life......

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