Monday, October 25, 2010

Think Beyond Cricket

Its true,India has very little respect for any other sports than cricket. I feel it is all because of the media and the political support it gets due to the fact that cricket earns more cash than any other sports in the current Indian sports scenario. But if someone wants to really push other games to the forefront, it needs only a fraction of the money earned by cricket. so to think of this situation, why is the sports association not diverting its cash flow from cricket to other sports and give some support to other players.
Always it s combined effort on the world stage that matters when it comes to Olympics or CWG or any thing that represents the country.

In this CWG 2010 Delhi our sports man ranked 2nd amongst all the 72 participating countries. India's National Games is Hockey. Hockey federation is in Financial Crunch, they are not able to provide Players to a good infrastructure and other facility.Unfortunately a few corporate sponsors like Tata, Jindal, Mahindra etc., are concentrating only on the upper crest of some of the games.

It is high time that sports organizations are managed by experienced sports persons only with real life experience and government plays only the role of a facilitator.This will bring glory to the nation as we have enough talent in this country .

In order to revive the sport arena of our country, professionalism should be placed first on priority. Politics, religion, caste, class or language should not be the yardstick of measurement for selecting the organizers or the athletes. The government should bring in professionals to head these bodies.

The media should leave behind its bias of glorifying cricket and marginalizing other sports events. It should give due importance to the stars like Abhinav Bindra, Gagan Narang, Saina Nehwal and others, which will encourage the future generations to follow the path of these real stars.

It is high time that we should focus on the basic forms of sport - athletics, gymnastics and swimming - the building blocks of all sport. Organizers should direct their focus on winning medals rather than participating in many events. Efforts should be taken to keep the spirit alive in individual events such as chess, shooting, tennis, boxing, billiards etc where Indian players are exceptionally well at. The Sports Authority of India should take a lead in promoting the various sports events so that the lost glory returns to many of our games that they had before. 

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Carl said...

Interesting to read about the ports man ranked 2nd amongst all the 72 participating countries,good thing that is.


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