Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our Relationship

I still remember the day when I had asked you “what relationship means”?
You looked into my eyes and flashed back your brilliant smile...…….and said “you and I are together; we understand each other; we care for each other”………that’s what a relationship is. I looked at you, into those deep eyes and believed….believed in your relationship…….in our relationship.
But now when you are no longer with me, I still want to ask you “what relationship means”. We still understand each other, we still care for each other, it’s just that we are no longer together………does that mean we don’t share a relationship?


Cj said...

Appu, copy kia ki khud se likha?

Apurv gourav said...

Bro CJ... aap jo samjo...

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Apurv gourav said...

Thank You Blogjunta for your valuable comment.