Sunday, January 23, 2011

2010:- A Snapshots

Finally,..I have started my Blogging this (2011) year. Before blogging I have lots of confusion what to write, from where i have to start, should u have to write my own experience or will write on somebody else.

Huh.....Starting from Myself

2010 was amazing year for me, i don't think I will forgot past year of my entire life. Had lots of practical experience, really that will improve my personal life.All together my personal life was like a stock market, lots of volatility in my personal life...anyways ...move on to the other topics....:))))(: 

2.Different states and examples
In Tamilnadu ,Jayalaitha was manhandled by DMK legislators inside assembly ,Jayalalitha access the power and then arrests Karunanidhi at Midnight as police arrest him 

Andhra Pradesh
It is very common ,people to align on Congress side or TDP side depending upon how the opponent sides with the party 

In Ananthpur ,Kurnool etc many families were wiped out with political violence and faction ism

Corruption by nexus of Politicians and businessmen by using projects and tenders to suit people illegally so crony ism ,nepotism are all flourishing and good merit sidelined and not able people 

Vote bank politics have made people like KHODA access power and then use the IAS office poeple to harness and illegally steal the assets 

Again Nitish Elected for next 5 year as a CM Of Bihar, Historical winning

CWG Corruption around 2500cr
2G Scam 1lks cr 
LIC Scam 14000 cr 
Nepotism ,cronysism ,graveyard coalition politics ,are all on display on a world wide stage ,but guilty still escape not to mention the money that was stolen never recovered at all

Increasingly polarizing people as Dalist vs FC DEBATE
BJP VS CONGRESS corruption 
Marathi vs Bihari 
North vs south etc are all counter productive and team India spirit

Historical Judgement
Babri Mosque Issue UP High court bench given the decision in a very win win manner, all disputed land are divided in three parts.
Justice not served equally between a civilian not shielded politically and a person shielded with political power is alarming and makes people loose confidence in the system 

Abuse of power ,,not allowing institutions like CVC,POLICE,ACB,IT DEpts ,ED etc are all not allowing the fruits of democracy and gdp growth rate not reaching the bottom of the pyramid 

Abuse of power and corruption ,,is also not able to curtail the illegal outflow of India's money abroad as India will loose out ,such money should have been used to build roads,schools and bridges in India.

Lists are Big.....Finally we are Indian, if politicians are not doing, we should take initiative and fight for our rights.
Jai Hind.....

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