Sunday, June 14, 2009

Capitation Fee:-Captivating The Indian Education

Yes, indeed education is bought or rather sold like a commodity in this country, where it is also worshipped like a venerable Goddess by all. What a paradox! And this sale-purchase is happening in almost every other educational institution and is not confined to any particular state or stream.
Though, everyone including the agencies that are supposed to be regulatory bodies are aware of this racket but none has ever initiated any move to weed out the menace of capitation fees. The reason behind this is very simple, education is a lucrative trade, controlled by politicians and their cohorts.
Even as lakhs of Indians rush abroad to get foreign degrees, the government continues to patronise the politician-businessmen nexus, controlling this sector, thus undermining the future of a billion plus people.
An artificial shortage created by the license-permit raj regime has ensured that education in India remains choked forever. Both the quality and quantity of education in the country remains below par, barring few institutions.
Higher education has been milched in states like Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. The country has around 400 medical colleges, out of which more than 200 plus are in these five states, owned, controlled and run by politician-cum-businessmen.
This art has almost been perfected, which is evident from the fact that a place like Puducherry (Pondicherry) has seven medical colleges. Such is the clout of these men with the policymakers that they manage to dictate policy and when required, escape the clutches of law.
All these issues come to fore every year during the admission season and are forgotten after that. But it's a matter of our future and we need to take a stand. Let not the smoke die down this time. Come share your thoughts on the mess in the educational system and how to cleanse it.

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