Saturday, June 6, 2009


Last sun day(31-05-2009) i had visited MAHABLESHWAR with My some of friend.Hole day we enjoyed.Mahableshwar is very natural and Beautiful place.Mahableshwar is Around 135 KM from Pune by Road.Early morning 5 o clock we left Pune.After completing one fourth journey we stop at a DHABA where we had Breakfast and Tea. Around 2 hours journey we reached Panchgani. Panchgani is also a Hill station.We stayed sometime in Mapro garden. In panchgani we had Strawberry and Yellow carrot.Strawberry is very famous in Panchgani.We enjoyed sometimein Panchgani.then we move towards Mahableshwar.We visited Elefisten point,Monkey pont,Sucide point, Mahableshwar Temple,Panchganga Temple..etc.Mahableshwar Temple is one of the "Jyortilling" Very famous Lord Shanker Temple. Panch ganga is Also famous..people said at the same place where 5 River is comeing togather. After that we decided to visit Pratapgad fort.In PratapGad Fort Shivaji Maharaj were living there. Its is also a very beautiful Fort.

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