Friday, December 25, 2009

History of Santa Clause

Santa As a champion of children and the needy, he was legendary for his kindness and generosity.The most influential figure in the shaping of today's generous as loving Santa Claus was a real man {St. Nicholas of Myra (Now Turkey)}.Santa was a 4th century Bishop.
Because of his wisdom and sensitivity, many People groups claimed St. Nicholas as their patron saint. Children, orphans, sailors, and even thieves often prayed to the compassionate saint for guidance and protection. Entire countries, including Russia and Greece, also adopted him as their patron saint, as well as students and pawnbrokers.
St. Nicholas tried to help others while inspiring the to imitate his virtues.The image of the stately saint was transformed onto an almost mystical being, one known for rewarding the good and punishing the bad.
St. Nicholas' Day is still observed in many countries, and gifts are exchanged in honor of the spirit of brotherhood and charity that he embodied.
In some countries, the festivities of St. Nicholas' Day were merged with Christmas celebrations, and although the gift-bearer took on new, non-religious forms, he still reflected the saints generous spirit.
In Germany, he appeared as Weihnachtsmann, in England as Father Christmas, and in France, as Pèrè Noël, who left small gifts in the children shoes.
AMERICA:- In the 1600's, the Dutch presented Sinterklaas (meaning St. Nicholas) to the colonies. In their excitement, many English-speaking children uttered the name so quickly that Sinterklaas sounded like Santy Claus. After years of mispronunciation, the name evolved into Santa Claus.
Because of his goodness Santa is very essence, in every kindness we do, Santa will always be remembered.

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